Quality Policy

Turkish corrugated board and packaging A.P. it follows scientific and technological developments and maintains its understanding of quality service by using up-to-date standard methods that are accepted nationally and internationally. It is committed to providing the necessary financial, technological and human resources in order to provide quality service, to comply with the requirements of QMS standards and to continuously improve its effectiveness. Turk packaging has adopted the following articles as its Quality Policy.
Certification, certification and continuous improvement of our quality management system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 standard,
Achieving company and unit goals in team spirit by taking the total quality philosophy as the basis,
Review of our business processes through self-evaluation process and identify preventive approaches that will improve our performance,
To increase the efficiency of all our processes to the level of competitiveness at international level in line with the continuous improvement approach,
Encouraging innovative and creative approaches, carrying out trainings that will improve technical and behavioral competencies,
by managing our activities in an integrated manner together with Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, we work with all our strength to become a model company with our leadership in terms of quality in the durable consumer sector.

Turkish Packaging Quality Target

Producing safe and high quality products,
To be a reliable company in the market.

Strategic Objectives Of Turkish Packaging Quality Targets

Improving productivity,
Cutting costs,
Minimize waste and errors.
Our production area is equipped with the latest technology and we provide solution-oriented service to our customers within the framework of quality standards with full automatic assembly machines and experienced staff of Engineers.

Environmental and occupational health policy

Turkish corrugated board and packaging A.P. In the field of Environment, Occupational Health and safety, it aims to be an organization that fully fulfils all the measures required by modernisation. Our main objective in this field is to comply with national and international legislation and standards in our activities and to fulfill our social responsibilities.

Knowing that we have borrowed the world we live in from the next generations, our understanding of human, nature and environment-sensitive production, without compromising our quality policy, is to act with the aim of being a pioneer in the health sector by keeping worker safety and health at the forefront.